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Tour of Georgia and northern Armenia

Tour of Georgia and northern Armenia

ATTENTION! The tour program for 2024 has changed. Request a new program!!!

Armenia and Georgia - two sunny hospitable countries in one round! All hiking is light - without heavy backpacks and overnight in tents! The tour is also perfect for those who have already traveled with us in Armenia, since the north of Armenia is mainly represented here - the most mysterious and beautiful region of the country. There will be very few matches.

Armenia and Georgia are two fraternal peoples and two friendly countries. The endless debate about who is ancient, whose wine is better and where they make the most delicious barbecue in the world give only a special flavor to centuries-old friendship. Armenian jokes about Georgians and Georgian jokes about Armenians will accompany you all the way.

The tour program includes the most significant and interesting places in Georgia, as well as some trips in the north of Armenia, which are not included in the program of our tours in Armenia. Hiking and cultural program, unforgettable panoramas and unity with wildlife. Not a tour, but a fairy tale!

Tour of Georgia and northern Armenia
Armenia - Georgia
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Car Tours
Armenia - Georgia
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From 2 persons
11 days
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ATTENTION! The tour program for 2024 has changed. Request a new program!!!

Day 1

Sightseeing tour of Echmiadzin (walk; 25km car). Having met a group at the airport, we will go on an excursion tour to Echmiadzin - the spiritual center of Armenia, where we will visit the cathedral and the Hripsime temple. Armenia is the first Christian state in the world, and Etchmiadzin is of particular importance to all Christians. In addition, the city is located near the airport, so most often excursions in Armenia begin from here. Before checking into a hostel, we take a walk through the evening Yerevan.

Day 2

Moving to the north of Armenia, hiking in the Lori region. Each region of Armenia has its own zest, but Lori is still special. Dense forests, huge canyons with rumbling mountain rivers, monasteries and churches in the most unexpected places and impregnable fortresses. This is Lori! We will go hiking to the Bardzrakash monastery and climb the rocks to the Kobayr monastery. We will spend the night in a cozy guest house.

Day 3

Haghpat, trekking to a watchtower and moving to Tbilisi. Before the monastery of the same name was built in the village of Haghpat, the village was called Sblis, which means holy light in Armenian. When the sun rose from behind the mountain, it seemed that holy light was flowing out onto the green meadows and sleepy roofs of houses. We’ll go and we will meet a new day in that very place, because now there is the Haghpat monastery, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Then we will go on a hike to the watchtower, which offers a beautiful view of the gorge of the Debed River. And we will spend the night in Tbilisi, in a guest house in the city center.

Day 4

Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Jvari. Morning opens in the beautiful capital of Georgia - multinational and multicultural Tbilisi. In Tbilisi, in a striking way, side by side, how brothers live completely different and today it would seem incomparable peoples. They are all one family - they are proudly called Tbilisi. The city uniquely harmonizes both different styles and different centuries. An ancient fortress and a new bridge, an old funicular and a new cable car, picturesque old quarters and modern skyscrapers. All this is merged together. Of course, the first thing we will go for a walk around the city. On this day, we will also go on an excursion to one of the most important spiritual centers of Georgia, Mtskheta, as well as go up to the Jvari Monastery, which offers a beautiful view of the place where the Kura and Aragvi rivers merge. We will return to the same guest house in Tbilisi for the night.

Day 5

Kazbek, Gergeti, Georgian Military Road. Kazbek is one of the dominant mountains of the Caucasus. Its proud peak is visible for hundreds of kilometers. The views that open at the foot cannot be expressed in words. On this day we will go hiking along the picturesque slopes of the mountain and visit the Gergeti Monastery. We will also drive along the Georgian Military Highway, which is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful roads in the world. There are such views that breathtaking. On the way, there will be a lot of interesting things in general - Ananuri Monastery and Zhinvali Reservoir, the place where the khinkali was invented, the Gudauri ski resort and much more. Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 6

Trekking to Birtvisi Fortress (7km trekking). Birtvisi is a unique natural place! This is an incredible combination of luxurious forests and cliffs. Through the mysterious forest paths we will approach the impregnable fortress of Birtvisi, which has found its special place among the picturesque gorge. Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 7

Walk around Borjomi. Who has not heard about the famous Borjomi !? Come to Georgia and not visit Borjomi !? (read with a Georgian accent :)) Let's go to Borjomi! There we are waiting for a walk in the park, where you can try the famous mineral water in its natural form, directly from the source. If possible, visitors can even take a dip in the mineral pools. There is also the old building of the mineral water factory. We will spend the night in the village of Likani, not far from Borjomi.

Day 8

Trekking in the Borjomi National Park. Borjomi is famous not only for its mineral waters, but also for its beautiful nature. A hike in the national park will provide an opportunity to experience the beauty and originality of nature in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region of Georgia. We return to our guest house in Tbilisi to spend the night.

Day 9

Dilijan Reserve (7km hike). We are returning to Armenia. We will go to one of the fabulous corners of the Tavush region - Dilijan Reserve. In addition to its magnificent forests covering mountains and gorges, the reserve is also famous for the ancient temples and fortresses that are located on its territory. The hike will pass through the most interesting parts of the reserve. Overnight in Dilijan.

Day 10

Sevan, Garni, Geghard, Symphony of Stones. We leave for Lake Sevan - one of the largest and most beautiful alpine lakes in the world. There, on the peninsula, there is Sevanavank Monastery, from the height of which a beautiful view of the lake opens. Next we are waiting for the most popular sights of Armenia. Geghard Monastery is called by many the eighth wonder of the world. It's hard to believe, but the floors and halls of the monastery are completely carved from one solid piece of basalt rock. We will also see the pagan temple of the 1st century Garni, and go down to the gorge to see the famous basalt columns Symphony of Stones.

Day 11

Farewell to the mountains. Holidays in Armenia came to an end. Depending on the time of departure of your flight, you will have some more time to walk around the city on your own, buy souvenirs at the opening day or Armenian sweets in the market.



Yerevan - Echmiadzin - Yerevan - Lori region - Haghpat - Tbilisi - Mtskheta - Jvari - Tbilisi - Gergeti monastery (Stepantsminda settlement) - Tbilisi - Birtvisi fortress - Tbilisi - Borjomi - Likani - Tbilisi - Dilijan reserve - Dilijan - Sevan, Garni, Geghard Symphony of Stones - Yerevan

General information on the route:

  • Duration: 11 days
  • Type of tour: Caravanning, Hiking, Trekking, Excursions
  • Suitable for people: All ages, children under 14 years old only accompanied by adults
  • Participants, groups: guaranteed tour from 1 person
  • Experience Requirement: Not Required
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Included Options: Medical Support
  • Season: all year
  • Service in languages: Russian (as agreed: Armenian, English, etc.)
  • Start / Finish Programs: Yerevan, Armenia

Brief information on districts

The Republic of Armenia, briefly Armenia, is located on the north-eastern part of the Armenian Highlands between the Caucasus and Forward Asia. It borders with Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran and Turkey. Territory - 29743 square meters. km (close to the territories of Belgium and Albania). The capital is Yerevan. ATTENTION!!! The city was founded in 782 BC. H. It's hard to believe, but Yerevan is 29 years older than Rome. Armenia is one of the oldest Christian countries, therefore there are many important religious monuments. The most famous among them are the Greco-Roman temple of Garni, the Etchmiadzin Cathedral and the monastery of Khor Virap, which is located near Mount Ararat, which is an inactive volcano and is located in Turkey. The average height above sea level is 1800 m (76.5% of the country's territory is located at an altitude of 1000-2500 m above sea level). The highest mountain peak is Aragats 4090 m. High mountain peaks: Kaputdzhuh 3906 m, Azhdahak 3598 m, Spitakasar 3555 m, Vardenis 3522 m.

Georgia - a state located in the western part of Transcaucasia on the eastern coast of the Black Sea, belongs to the Near East and the Middle East. The capital is Tbilisi, translated from Georgian as “warm source”, the old name is Tiflis. This is the largest city in Georgia, located on the banks of the Kura River with a population of more than 1 million people. The city was founded in the V century. Tbilisi is an ancient cultural center of Georgia. In the southeastern part of the city is its historical core - the Old Town with narrow streets that have retained the features of medieval buildings. Here you can see the ruins of the citadel of Narikal, later completed by the Turks in the 16th-17th centuries, the stone church of Anchiskhati, the church of Metekhi, the cathedrals of Sioni and Sameba. Georgia has many interesting historical places, cities, ski resorts, etc.

The beginning and end of the tour

A few days before the start of the tour, the conductor will definitely call you and discuss all the details of the start - where and at what time the group is going, how you will find out the person meeting at the airport and many other important details. On the last evening of the tour, you can easily arrange with the guide for the transfer to the airport.

Requirements for Participants

Our walking tour in Georgia and Armenia is designed for people in average physical shape. Hiking with large and heavy backpacks is not provided. There are no nights in tents either. This active tour is suitable for beginners.

Weather in Georgia and Armenia

The average daily air temperature usually ranges from 20-35 ° C. Rains and sudden changes in temperature in the mountains are possible.

List of necessary equipment


  • hat and cap (very comfortable and buff)
  • Sunglasses
  • windbreaker, rain cover (preferably Gore-Tex membrane)
  • raincoat
  • several t-shirts per shift
  • sweater (better than two thin than one thick)
  • hiking pants 2 pairs
  • shorts, finnish
  • socks (several pairs)
  • trekking boots (spaced !!!)
  • replaceable shoes (sneakers, trekking sandals)


  • one day backpack
  • sticks for walking: by prior arrangement it is possible to rent - $ 15 per couple tour
  • waterproof backpack cape
  • seater
  • flashlight (spare batteries)
  • personal first aid kit (individual medicines)
  • personal hygiene products
  • towel
  • sunscreen

Do not forget also

  • camera with a large memory card
  • chargers for phone and device
  • selfie stick!

The cost of a package of services - from ___ US dollars_ According to your request *

Included in the price

  • Transport
  • Guide services
  • Overnight in hostels and guest houses
  • Meeting at the airport, transfer to and from the hostel
  • All entrance fees and program fees

Not included

  • Food
  • Flights



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