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Our individual tours are designed for active people who want to get the most out of the tour, comfort, safety and controlled extreme ...


  • We do not do “beach tourism”
  • The date of the tour and the conditions are agreed in advance, entered into our general schedule of tours.
  • This is a tour that is tailor-made for you !!

You can choose all the tours offered by our company as an Individual tour. This option of tours is especially suitable for people who want to spend their outdoor activities at a convenient time for them, alone or in a narrow circle of friends:

  • extreme tourism (climbing, mountain hikes, rafting, etc.)
  • single travelers
  • newlyweds  (honeymoon)
  • group of friends, etc.

People who book this type of tour understand in advance that an Individual tour will definitely be more expensive than a standard group tour. Your tour will include: guide services, another level of service, transfers, excursions to one or a group of people, etc., which will be much more expensive than on a regular tour.

Our directions and activities:

Climbing and expeditions Safari tours
Multi-day hiking and trekking Climbing tours
Multi-day trekking with one-day walks Skiing tours
Multi day rafting Car tours
Multi-day yacht trips Jeep tours
Surfing and diving Enduro tour
Hot air ballooning Bike tours and much more


Abkhazia Italy Nepal Tanzania Armenia - Georgia
Argentina Kazakhstan Norway Turkey Georgia - Azerbaijan
Armenia Kyrgyzstan Pakistan Ukraine Georgia - Russia
Georgia China Peru France Turkey - Georgia
Indonesia Macedonia Russia Chile France - Switzerland - Italy
Spain Morocco Tajikistan Switzerland Switzerland - Italy     

And other options !!!

Price and service

The final cost of the tour is formed at the time of ordering the tour, taking into account all the wishes

If you can not get through, please fill out the return request form and we will contact you as soon as possible

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In the comments please specify the features of the tour:
  • What tour are you interested in (Give a short description),
  • Your experience in similar tours,
  • Preferred travel tempo (Sport, Standard, Slow),
  • Variant of the tour (VIP, Standard, Economy),
  • Guide (Company guide for the whole trip, Local guide (usually English)),
  • Preferred language of communication,
  • Knowledge of languages,
  • Additional Information

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