Irreplaceable things from the wardrobe of an experienced traveler

The wardrobe of an experienced walker is not a set of clothes at all, which it is not a pity to throw out and in which it is shameful to appear in public. Where there is no warm soul nearby, hospitals need to be prepared for any surprises of nature and weather, it is better to think seriously about your wardrobe.

What to take with you to the mountains

The list of things to take a hike to the mountains for winter and summer tracking differs only in a few specific for each season, as well as the type of trekking things and objects.  Since the topic of this article is of a general nature, we will start from the most difficult - winter hikes.

Signs of weather changes

Mountaineering, like any other activity in the mountains, depends on the weather.
Often the weather forecast is the determining factor when deciding on the route choice and directly affects the safety of traveling in the mountains.

What is in the backpack of the tourist always with him?

A good traveler's backpack is always half full ... Today we'll tell you what should always be in a tourist's backpack (basic set).

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