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Excursion to the Bezengi gorge

Excursions, trekking and rock climbing in the Bezengi Gorge

These places are called the "ice heart of the Caucasus", because it is here that the legendary Bezengi Gorge is located. Nature gave the Caucasus 8 peaks, the mark of which exceeds 5,000 m. Six five-thousanders of the Caucasus are located in Bezengi!

This gorge delights tourists with its contrast: our paths go through flower meadows, along green grass and nearby five-thousandths of snow! In one frame, bright flowers and emerald glaciers are placed here. As a decoration, Nature presented the delightful orange poppies to the Bezengi Gorge.

During the trip, we will visit several waterfalls lightly, walk along the equipped ecotropy, take photos of glaciers and see the incredible beauty of the North Wall and Bezengi.

The route is easy, we recommend for beginners.

For lovers of outdoor recreation there is a tour with a similar program and accommodation in tents - "Mountain Camp in Bezengi."

Excursion to the Bezengi gorge
Tour type:
Trekking and day walks
Bezengi gorge
Number of participants:
From 4 to 12 people
7 days
440 USD
Tours dates
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Day 1

11:00-11:30 - Gathering at the airport and at the railway station in Mineralnye Vody (near the main entrance to the train station from the city). Transfer by bus to the Bezengi alpine camp (about 5-6 hours). In the village of Bezengi, the usual asphalt ends and the dirt road begins. Next, we are waiting for verification of documents at a post at the border guards.

Bezengi Gorge. In the evening we will arrive at one of the most stunning and organized climbing camps in the Caucasus - the Bezengi climbing camp! On its territory there are buildings for living, parking lots with tents, a dining room, a shower, a gift shop and even a kindergarten. After settling in the alpine camp, we will make a sightseeing tour of its territory. From afar we will see gorges with the Mizhirgi and Bezengi glaciers, and also with pleasure we will consider a relief model of the Bezengi region. Relief, snowy mountains rise on the layout, gorges, lakes and our entire future route are perfectly visible! Bezengi wall North wall

Day 2

Waterfall of Zhiginji, ecotropic along the Bezengi gorge. Today we have an easy, walking route! Directly from the camp we can see the huge Kargashil ridge. At the very top of the ridge is the Zhiginji Glacier, which melts and gives rise to the river of the same name. The river jumps rapidly along the ledges of the ridge and turns into a beautiful waterfall! Today's waterfall with a secret, it is fraught with an unusual natural phenomenon. In the morning, part of the water flow is “golden” from the backlight. After lunch, the second part of the waterfall comes out of the shade and glows with “silver”. This unusual fact is very interested in scientists. They came to Bezengi with a small laboratory and took water samples. But the mystery of the waterfall was not solved. We go further and get on the ecotropic to the Bezengi glacier. A comfortable ecotropy was equipped by RusHydro. Along the trail there are colorful stands with photographs and descriptions of local flora and fauna. Walking along the ecotropy, in July we collect strawberries, in August-September we enjoy blueberries and lingonberries. At the end of the route we come close to the Bezengi glacier. It is the largest glacier in the Caucasus. Its length ranges from 13 to 20 kilometers, and the thickness of the ice reaches 180 meters !! The active part of the passage along the route: 5.5 km, elevation difference of 2140-2040-2200 m, the duration of the route is 5-6 hours.

Day 3

River Gorge Dumala. We will spend today away from the Bezengi alpine camp. We will take part of the route by bus, and then we will go on foot to the gorge of the Dumala river. The word "Dumala" is translated as "beautiful." And this is the pure truth! The gorge is very green and picturesque. If the landscapes in our Bezengi gorge are more stony, decorated with glaciers, then the Dumala gorge is lightness, spaciousness and stunning, dense forests. These places always pamper us with berries and mushrooms. The Dumala River runs along the gorge, which in especially narrow places of the gorge gladly shows tourists its wild temper. At the end of the route we go out to a huge clearing, from which another river opens - Ukyu. It is on it, in a narrow canyon, that Ukyu Falls is born! In clear weather, it is snow-white and perfectly illuminated by the sun. We relax, have lunch, enjoy the beauty and go back. The active part of the route: 9.6 km, elevation 1590-2070 m, the duration of the route is 6-7 hours.

Day 4

Gidan Waterfall, Mijirgi Glacier, North Wall. You will surely remember this day with its incredible landscapes! Today we will see the stunning North Wall. The northern massif is a huge mountain system: 15 kilometers of perfect snow and ice, 4 five-thousanders! Against the blue sky, white snow caps and glaciers look very impressive. Light clouds float past and lightly touch the mountain peaks. The spectacular effect of this gorge is in stunning contrast: we walk along the green grass, along flower meadows, and immediately there are five-thousandths of snow rising in front of us. At such a moment, you feel how grandiose mountains Nature has created here! We will also have lunch against the backdrop of five thousandths =)). Then we go through a little more and take beautiful photos of the Mijirgi glacier. On the way back we will admire the cascading waterfall Gidan. He is born on Mount Gidan-tau and, jumping on the ledges, quickly runs into the valley. The active part of the route: 13.2 km, elevation 2140-2820 m, the duration of the route is 7 hours.

Day 5

Climbing lessons. From the camp we can clearly see the rocky spur Ayutash. Residents of the mountain camp call this place "Rock Laboratory." It is here that all beginners learn the basics of climbing. An experienced instructor will conduct safety training and teach you how to climb rocks! The routes are simple, they will be within the power of every tourist. Rock routes have very interesting names: "Black Tooth", "Road to the Clouds", "Smell of the Wind", "Seasons". By the end of the day, you will master the skills of climbing and be sure to get new, unusual experiences! Duration of the event: 4 hours.

Day 6

Bezengi Glacier. Baran Kosh Lake. Good morning! Those who like to get up early will always be delighted with magnificent, dawn landscapes. We strongly advise you to admire the Bezengi wall at sunrise! Around are dark, sleeping mountains, and at the end of the gorge the Bezengi wall lights up with pink light! The first rays of the sun touch its five-thousanders and the peaked peak of Gestol. So a new day comes to our gorge! Today we have a very busy route - we go to the Bezengi glacier and the Bezengi wall. The wall is 13 kilometers of snow and ice, there are also two five thousandths: Dzhangitau and Shkhara. Even further, in the side pocket of the moraine, is the Baran-kosh lake. Our photos will look like this: green meadows, flowers and the calm expanse of the lake, in which the snowy peaks of Bezengi are reflected! Perfect!! The instructor decides to visit Lake Barankosh based on the physical fitness of the group. The active part of the passage along the Bezengi Glacier route: 6.3 km, elevation difference of 2140-2550 m, route duration 5-6 hours. The active part of the passage along the route "Bezengi Glacier and Lake Baran-kosh": 17.4 km, elevation difference of 2140-2750 m, route duration 9-10 hours.

Day 7

Blue Lake "Cherek-Köl", Aushiger thermal springs. In the morning we leave the Bezengi Gorge and return to Mineralnye Vody. On the way we will stop at the Blue Lake and thermal springs. Blue Lake "Cherek-Köl". This lake always captivates tourists with its incredible emerald-blue color of water! The water is very clear, visibility reaches 20-40 meters. Blue Lake is one of the deepest karst lakes in the world, its depth is 279 meters.

Thermal springs Aushiger. This place has outdoor pools where you can enjoy swimming. Water comes to the surface from a depth of 4000 meters, its temperature reaches 50C. Thermal water is very rich in calcium, potassium, sodium and bromine. It perfectly relieves stress and gives a boost of energy!

18:00 - arrival in Mineralnye Vody, departure home.

Depending on the weather conditions, the physical condition of the participants and other factors, the hiking route may be changed.


Mineralnye Vody - Bezengi gorge, Zhiginji waterfall, Ecotropa - Duma river gorge, Ukyu waterfall - Gidan waterfall, Mizhirgi glacier, North wall - Rock climbing on the Ayutash rocky spur - Bezengi glacier, Baran-kosh lake - Blue Lake, Aushiger thermal springs - Mineralnye Vody

Additional Information:

If you arrive the day before the start of the route or leave later, you can stay in Mineralnye Vody in the Teply Stan mini-hotel or the Gostiny Dvor hotel. There is also the opportunity to rent an apartment for a day, you will find many offers for renting apartments on the Avito resource.

General information on the route

  • Duration: 7 days
  • Travel area: Russia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Nalchik, Bezengi gorge
  • Types of Tourism: Hiking, Trekking, Mountain Hiking, Sports Hiking
  • Format: Economy Tours, Sports Tours, Student Tours, Eco Tours, Climbing
  • Suitable for people: from 8 to 60 years old
  • Group size: 4 to 12 people
  • Experience Requirements: No Experience Required
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Included options: Medical support
  • Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn
  • Service in languages: Russian (English, negotiated in advance)
  • Program start: 11: 00-11: 30 Moscow time in Mineralnye Vody (airport, train station)
  • Program finish: Mineralnye Vody (train station, airport) at 18:00 Moscow time
  • Type of rest: hotel accommodation, walking along the gorges light
  • Meals: three meals a day. Breakfast and dinner in the dining room, lunch - lunch in the afternoon in the mountains
  • The route runs at an altitude of: 1560-2820 m
  • Length of route: 34.6 km
  • Mobile communication on the route (only Megafon operator): daily until 09:00 and after 18:00. During walks through the gorges, there is no mobile connection
  • Infrastructure. On the territory of the Bezengi camp there are equipped toilets, a hot shower, a laundry, a room-dryer for things, a cafe, a souvenir shop, a tourist equipment store Alpindustria, a grocery store with the most popular products (bread, lemonade, canned goods, sweets, juices). For payment in a cafe and a store you should have cash, payment by bank cards is not developed. No ATMs
  • The receiving party has the right to change the route according to weather conditions and the condition of the group
  • The price does not include: additional excursions, transfers outside the program, environmental fees, etc.
  • It is possible to provide additional services by prior arrangement: transfer: airport - hotel; rental of personal equipment; hotel reservation; recreation at sea


  • To pass on the tourist routes of this region, all tourists need a pass to the border zone.
  • For citizens of Russia, the instructor draws up a pass on the first day of the route.
  • For citizens of foreign countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Israel), issuing a pass takes 30 business days (43 calendar days). After applying for participation in the campaign, we ask each citizen of a foreign country for a copy of a passport to apply for a pass.

Equipment list

  • Cap / Panama hat
  • Jacket. Air temperature in the early morning and late evening + 8 ... + 12C.
  • Flisk
  • T-shirt
  • Lightweight long sleeve shirt. The shirt will protect your hands and neck from burning.
  • Running pants
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Trekking shoes / two pairs of thick-soled sneakers
  • Spanking (for walking in the hotel)
  • Swimsuit
  • Waterproof clothing or raincoat
  • Tracking sticks. Sticks significantly reduce the load on the knees. We recommend physically strong and healthy tourists to have sticks with them. Tourists who have problems with knees, joints and overweight should have tracking poles.
  • If necessary, the club provides trekking poles for hire.
  • Passport / birth certificate of a child. Be sure to have the original documents (not a copy).
  • Camera / camcorder + charger
  • Hairbrush
  • Sunglasses
  • 0.5 L plastic bottle (for drinking water on the route)
  • Toilet paper
  • Mug, spoon, knife. For lunch in the mountains we make tea, tourists take mugs with them. It is necessary to have a non-breaking mug (plastic or iron).
  • Thread, needle
  • A backpack for walks (volume 20-25 liters). The backpack contains personal items of a tourist, as well as public products for lunch, which are given by an instructor (the weight of the products is 400-600 grams).
  • Priopnik
  • Shoe dryers
  • Sunscreen, lipstick
  • Individual first-aid kit. Mandatory: elastic bandage, patch.
  • Hat, gloves (for travel in September)
  • Flashlight (for travel in September)

The cost of a package of services - from 33800.00 Russian rubles * (USD / RRF rate = 77)

* Payment is made in Russian rubles !!!

The price includes:

  • Accommodation in the Bezengi climber: double, triple rooms, facilities on the floor.
  • On the territory of the Bezengi camp there are equipped toilets, a hot shower, a laundry, a room-dryer for things, a cafe, a gift shop, a tourist equipment store, and a grocery store.
  • Three meals a day. Breakfast and dinner in the dining room, lunch - packed lunch in the afternoon in the mountains.
  • Rental of group equipment: boilers, gas burners (for making tea for lunch in the mountains), a group first-aid kit.
  • Road transport routes
  • Registration of a pass to the border zone
  • Services of a guide-instructor

The price does not include:

  • Transportation costs to the beginning of the route and back (Mineralnye Vody).
  • Supplement for single occupancy in a hotel room - 6600 rubles. for the entire period of rest.
  • Insurance (optional)


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